Clothes Donation

Our team at Community Relief Assistance, Inc. accepts clothes donation as part of our relief programs. We distribute clothes to natural disaster victims, people who can’t afford clothes, and to home shelters to help ease the growing requirement of clothing. Donate your used clothes and become a part of this greater cause. Your contribution will greatly benefit the needy and their families surviving in the extremities. Give your share and show that you care. For further information, contact us and join hands in serving humanity.

Health Care

Health care is the most neglected facility around the country and that happens due to the medical care being considerably expensive. The team at Community Relief Assistance, Inc. realizes the importance of health care and we take the required steps to overcome this adversity. Our support services range from aiding the families in accessing expert care to providing financial assistance for the required medical treatment without any worries. Connect with us and be a part of serving the nation with as little as we can.


Education is the basic right of every individual and most of the country’s population is deprived of this basic need. Community Relief Assistance, Inc. has a vision for making the education accessible, even to the under-privileged. Our diversified programs aid the kids to pursue education, provides resources, and aid in financing their tuition. Join our mission by making monetary contributions towards this cause and break the hindrance of poverty in the way of education.

Cash Donation

Spread the ray of hope by donating a small proportion of money for those in need. Financial support will eradicate all kinds of problems. Be the part of our campaign as we continue to offer several programs to the people struggling towards economic empowerment. Your financial contribution will bring tremendous benefits to people in fighting poverty. Get in touch with us and share the hope of a better future through monetary contribution.